Final project (gaming) #1 World of Warcraft

   World of Warcraft is my favorite game. I have played this game since 2004. And now the Blizzcon has new patch: WoW 5.0. World of warcraft will enter a new climax and age.

   Story about the reckoning, for the destruction of the wing of the death, the earth surface was badly damaged. At the beginning of the ancient god by the Titan seal and started to move. Mr Ross return is the ancient god, the first wave of the pioneer army.
The reckoning version 5.0 The ancient god’s inverse attack” Reckoning version 4.9 struck eve story and inverse map has been blown off.

     WoW 5.0 Mists of Pandaria: New Class Talent System: In total, there will be six talent sets, with players unlocking a new set every 15 levels. This means that there will be fewer talents overall, but each talent you choose has the potential to have a much more dramatic effect on your gameplay

First Part of the World of Warcraft Expansion Preview Panel for the New Class Talent System from Blizzcon 2011 in Full 1080p HD.


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    I am now curious, Bing! I will be writing you more comments soon, very soon – on new blog posts and previous ones. Thanks …


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