Final project (gaming) #8 Play game waste money?

    From this year’s network game consumer report seems to see :  Most of the network game players on the consumption in each month between 50-100. And most income between 2000-5000. So actually the game is not high consumption. Is that you if all rely on money to play games words is the high cost?


       How to choose video games without wasting money? 1.Rent the game first. It is possible to get an unlimited game rental membership for as little as $10 a month, sometimes even less if you get the right promotions etc. So, in any given month you can try out, or play until you win several games.  2.Get advice from friends. If you want to buy video games that you will enjoy, and not waste money buying, it is always a good idea to get a recommendation. Of course, it is not good to get a recommendation from just anyone. 3.Read reviews. A great way to ensure that you choose a great video game without wasting money is to take the time to do some research.  4.Play similar games to ones you already know you like. (




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