Final Essay

    Blizzard entertainment is a world famous computer games and TV game software company, now belongs to Vivendi subsidiaries, and its current has released the expansion, including 20 models of works. Its products in the video game world enjoy very highly. Its products include Warcraft series, Starcraft series,  Diablo series and World of Warcraft series, warcraft and starcraft are many well-known electronic competitive matches as main event.

     Blizzard games industry is a myth, 10 years time to create an unprecedented classic. Its success has many mysterious colorific, but there is, in every game industry disputes, making authority works has been blizzard desire and power. Blizzard’s two entrepreneurs purpose is clear: to do like, are more popular game players. A game of large development, often take a year or even a longer time, investment and return cycle is long. Initial, Michael MoHuai meters and Alan aduh sweat in order to pay staff salary, often need to withdraw money from personal credit cards, which relies on personal loan to support the company. During that time, they pressure is quite large, is to bring the biggest enthusiasm play to its employees wisdom, and shall inherit only out into the “cultivation period” of pain. At that time, from the perspective of the cash flow, they almost nothing. Finally, mike MoHuai meters and Alan aduh khan survived the most difficult period and make their hold on power is: the opportunity to make great game works; To the cause of the persistent pursuit; The future of the company is yearning.

     “We are dedicated to creating the most epic entertainment experiences… ever.” always devotes oneself to to create the greatest entertainment experience, this is the aim of the blizzard. Blizzard created the best game in the history.

      But it just a game. We can’t indulge in game to ignore study and family. If you spend 15 hours per day on the video game, it called indulge.  Everyone’s grew up with some things with. Similar: the Internet game play, the other, he will let us addictive, have been addicted. But remember a word: play the game just to make it with you to the game, not to the game you. No matter what you play, or what addiction. We finally have not lost a leading role, and that is your itself, because you’re the unique person, you are, guangdong and don’t use by these things to guide you, affects your thoughts, you can play, but the play have product, has the individuality. Will it play to the best out of their other side, such thinking, you whether to play any games, and eventually you will become, they are expanding your ideas, and to make good use of, so it became not to play and play, but for play and send, anyhow do a wise man.

     I think appropriate playing games is entertain. But if cannot extricate oneself that is really a waste of time and money still have the health. So if you are a student of you in every three hours or so weekend. If you were an adult 2 hours every day.

      First, we tend to games and game addiction, games rely on confused, thought the game addiction, must rely on, inevitably will grow weary of toys, will depend on some of the games produced in the body of the game on consequences. In fact, to everything, creation dependence is addictive a worried about things, he is more than the game. Second, even if is such as the “wild blind” sensational case its various reasons, all the blame for the play games also are being unfair. In some unfortunate events happened, people tend to push the game all responsibility body, but little to his family education, school education reflection.

         In advocate freedom and individual character space and network, the network game should not also might not make it to the move. Give up prejudice, melting into the education of network to maybe a wise choice. “Know is better than good those good is better than the joy of”, as mentioned above, play the game itself is a process of learning, and a driven by curiosity by the discovery process, a highly interactive communication process, but these don’t is our education GuXinGuYi pursue? Empty sea, tolerance is a great, is destined to be a stalking horse alongside him against humanity and network of spirit, pay no attention is also a kind of waste, and hold, direct, and use is essential.

        In addition, lead to this day some people on the network game’s prejudice and our education is not relations. China’s education reform already, but now how, everywhere in told “quality education”, and the result? Education did not go forward, education restored the original face, also give parents, youth brought new pressure, students learning is not happy! But feel depressed, tired, no ideal, no pursuit, and at this time in the network game and broke into their lives, education crisis is produced. All this can’t all the blame for the network game, also can’t blame teenagers, the education of China and did not get the effective reform was related.

Here is the 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted. Reference only.



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