Final project (gaming) #6 Game can reduce pressure

     I will play some iPhone games to reduce the stress of learning.  College students, the society special groups, because of its special and more people’s attention. In recent years by students’ to bear the various too much pressure and quit school, suicide, degraded, everywhere. What makes our university students so vulnerable? What makes our university students overwhelmed? Their body carries the parents hope, society of hope, his own expectations, to face pressure also can be imagined. We have the employment pressure, study pressure, economic pressure, self-care pressure.

     In recent years, as happy farm and plants such as zombie war became popular in the world, more and more casual games the favorite of players received, a lot of people from casual games opened their games to history. And in leisure game attainments is quite deep, when is the PopCap, under the gem building “and” plant war zombies “all deeply players high praise.

     The PopCap sponsor a scientific research, the study is from the East Carolina University ‘s College of Health and Human Performance in charge of the major Dr. Carmen Russoniello executive, this project will be 134 game players into two groups, one group play the gem building “or other recreational game, then another group to the Internet news, the researchers responsible for testing these subjects of heart rate, as well as the psychological condition brain waves. The results found that playing the game of the mood index great rise, pressure is greatly reduced. According to information, dr Russoniello currently running another independent experiment, the casual games to relieve stress and anxiety to overcome the role.



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