Blog Assignment 2

      i is for “ipod”

The ipod gets consistently good reviews, commands a premim price, and grabs a large share of the MP3 player market.  The iPod is beautifully designed. It looks well-made, with a white front and a mirror finish on the chrome back.  The iPod is the best-designed music player I’ve come across. It earns top place in appearance and usability. In terms of features, it is a mixed bag. There are lots of Apple and third-party accessories, but it would be nice to find things like voice recording and FM radio built-in. Recording generally is a major weakness.  As ever, it depends. If you value style and usability highly, or have your eye on an in-car adaptor, then yes.  Another of the good points is that with the iPod there is a very extensive liberty of apps on the app store also there are apps remote desktop software. And lots of games and utilities for you to download for free, streaight from the iPod so this means that you do not have to keep plugging it in to the computer.

m for “MSN”

   The Internet made an enormous impact on the daily lives of people all of the world. It has changed the way of many people communicate, learn and play. The Internet allowed people to send and receive information in seconds. Instant messengers as Msn allow text, sound and video to be transferred worldwide instantly as well as sharing images and other datas.






 c for “crime on the internet”

     The Internet is overwhelmingly a power for good. It provides cheap and easy access every moment of every day to a vast reservoir of information and entertainment and it is transforming the nature of commerce and Government. However, with approximately one billion users worldwide accessing almost 75 million Web sites, there is bound to be some offensive, and even illegal, use of the Internet.  There are many categories of cybercrime like: Hacking, Viruses, Pirating,  Illegal Trading, Fraud, Scams, Money Laundering, Prescription Drugs, Defamatory Libel, Cyber Stalking,  and Cyber Terrorism.






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